Armo Electronics

Global Value-Added Reseller of Security Solutions

Armo Electronics is a value-added reseller of security, building automation, and connectivity products that offers solutions for all industry sectors in the Americas and the Caribbean.

We have over 15 years in the market, offering innovative products and services to our clients.

Our customers are the core and focus of our business, so we differentiate ourselves by offering services to our clients, such as consulting, system design, project management, technical support, and product training.

Armo Electronics is based in Miami and has sales representatives in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Panama, Bogota, Santiago, San Jose, Costa Rica, Buenos Aires, and Sao Paulo.

Our Solutions

Access Control Solutions
Access Control

ID Credentials, Readers, Controllers, Accessories

Fire Alarm Solutions
Fire & Life Safety

FACP, Smoke, Heat, and CO Detectors, Alarm Notification

Intrusion Alarm Solutions
Intrusion Detection

Control Panels, PIRs, Magnetic Contacts, Glassbreak Sensors

Video Surveillance Solutions
Video Surveillance

Cameras, DVRs, NVRs, VMS, Video Analytics

Our Expertise

You would not design a building without an architect, so why would you design a security system without an independent security engineer?

Expert security design and implementation can prepare your organization for the rapidly changing threats in the global marketplace. With over 25 years of security engineering experience, Armo Electronics has established itself as a premier designer and engineer of complex, integrated, and large-scale security systems.

Whether building a new facility or upgrading security at an existing location, Armo’s security experts can ensure that your facility is ready to meet today’s security challenges.

Armo Electronics provides input on industry best practices regarding all aspects of security design engineering. Starting with a security needs assessment followed by system design and implementation, we also support procurement, standards development, and review.

Whether your requirements are for a security upgrade, new security system design, or multi-facility review, Armo has the expertise to support you.

Whether assisting a client with an existing security system upgrade, designing a system for a new facility, or planning the implementation of a multi-facility enterprise-level system, Armo begins each project with a comprehensive needs assessment.

This assessment process enables us to gain a thorough understanding of our client’s business, operations, and facilities, and identify their security concerns, issues, threats, and vulnerabilities.

The needs assessment serves as the basis for our recommendations and ultimately results in a system design that addresses the client’s unique security requirements.

Armo Electronics provides complete security system design and engineering services for new construction projects, existing system upgrades, and system replacements.

Our engineers are well versed in the latest system offerings and technologies and have extensive experience designing systems for all types of projects from single floor tenant buildouts to large multi-site enterprise systems. Not only do we prepare engineered system construction drawings and specifications, but we also work closely with the client and other design team members to define and coordinate system infrastructure requirements so that all necessary items are in place for smooth and successful system installation

Armo assists in the security system procurement process so that systems purchased not only meet the functional and technical requirements but represent the best value for the client.

Armo’s International division delivers the company’s many capabilities to the world’s marketplace. From representatives in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, we focus our services on opportunities that support the world’s well-being: security, life safety, and energy-saving needed for economic growth.

Since 1987, Armo’s engineering teams have worked in over 30 countries across Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe. We know what it takes to do business outside of the U.S., from understanding technical standards, legal requirements, and environmental compliance to operating using major foreign currencies. Many of our employees possess foreign language skills, and all work well with diverse cultures and local customs.

Armo Electronics plays an integral role in the system implementation process by providing project management and coordination between the client, project team, and security integrator.

Armo Electronics has a selected group of most recognized system integrators based locally in each country to provide installation, implementation, and maintenance of all the security systems designed by Armo Electronics.

Our engineers work so that systems are installed in accordance with contract documents to the highest industry standards.