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Welcome to Armo Electronics, LLC

Founded in 2007, Armo Electronics is a valued added distributor and consulting engineering firm specializing in delivering integrated security solutions and services for international markets with a focus on Latin America and Caribbean countries.

We offer complete engineering design for a wide range of integrated security projects in airports, highways, transportation, banks and financials, retail, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, casinos, health, and hospitality facilities.

We also provide engineering services for life safety, fire detection, and extinction systems.

Since Armo Electronics began in 2007, we have become a flexible and progressive Valued-Added Reseller (VAR) and consulting engineering firm.

Our Values

We act with honesty, fairness, respect, and safety, furthering a culture of unquestioned integrity. This strengthens relationships across businesses and functions.

Customer Satisfaction

Our future depends on us serving as customer advocates and increasing our customers’ success. We are proactive, hard-driving, and easy to work with. We offer expert knowledge and practical solutions. Furthermore, we deliver on our promises.

Employee Engagement

As we grow, so will our people. We foster a culture that promotes excellent performance, teamwork, inclusion, leadership, and growth. Our employee and leader diversity will mirror our global markets and population.


We believe there is always a better way. We encourage change and seek the opportunities it brings. Likewise, we will commercialize innovations globally at an accelerating pace.


Through our products, services, operations, and community involvement, we promote the efficient use of resources to benefit all people and our planet. The environment and sustainability are critical elements of our business proposition.


It’s our people and our processes that have helped Armo Electronics grow from a two-person firm to an internationally recognized leader.

Regarding working with Armo, our clients describe our process in three simple words: flexible, reliable, and knowledgeable.

We embrace flexibility by accommodating our client’s specific needs through our collaborative approach and personal working style. You can rely on ARMO to seek the best solution for each design challenge.

The knowledge we have to meet your specific requirements is furthered with a high level of resourcefulness and perseverance that is found naturally in the way we work.

The basic fact of our business is simple: we don’t succeed unless our clients succeed.

Partners & Alliances

By combining forces with our Network of Partners and Alliances, Armo Electronics can leverage the strengths of many to achieve strategically aligned goals not otherwise attainable or accomplished in a cost-effective or competitive way.

The potential for success through collaboration, synergy, and defined strategies is far greater than that of individual companies working alone or against one another, thereby creating a distinct advantage in the value chain.

Through our trusted network of vendors, contractors, and experts, the customer always wins.

For more than 25 years, Armo’s directors have had the privilege to work with many “best-in-breed” companies.

Through a cohesive integration with our network, Armo Electronics has introduced new products and services to our customers, motivated by cost reduction and improved service.

This has allowed us to expand our customer reach and break new barriers to entry while still focusing on our core capabilities.

Our Customers

When a security system is a need, companies come to Armo Eelctronics for several reasons: they don’t have the time to come up with a solution, they don’t have the people, or they don’t have the expertise.

Armo Electronics consulting is the culmination of years of real-world experience of being in the trenches coupled with keeping our finger on the pulse of trends and technology advancements.

We stay ahead of the curve, so you can too. Our clients range from dynamic startup companies that require cost-effective yet scalable infrastructure to much larger organizations with demanding objectives looking for improved manageability and cost savings.

Our consultants combine extensive technical experience with intense strategic and business-focused leadership.

Armo Electronics works closely with your Security, Fire, and/or IT departments to determine your company’s needs and produce the optimal solution that will benefit your company both today and tomorrow.

We can help you effectively realign your existing security and IT infrastructure landscape in compliance with the latest standards, focusing on your total cost of ownership and achieving maximum ROI out of your current investments.

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