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EazyBeam DS, R60-024-1560 Beam Detector-120 meter range, UL Listed


Product Overview
This device can be installed easily and quickly by a single person in single point of wiring & commissioning. It has special feature to compensate automatically for natural building movement to continuously maintaining alignment by building movement tracking technology.

Salient Features

  • Auto alignment
  • Easy Installation
  • Standalone Detector

Salient Features

  • Alignment mode switch, alignment directional buttons and configuration switches for alarm response threshold
  • 2 Green LEDs and 1 Yellow LED for alignment status.
  • System status : Green LED flashing every 10 sec in normal condition
    Red LED flashing every 10 sec in alarm condition
    Yellow LED flashing every 10 sec for obscuration or every 5 sec for contamination in Fault condition .
  • Flat front face with enclosed optics. Cleaning the optics does not affect alignment.
  • UL Listed.