Tyco HD Encoder

The Tyco HD Encoder offers an attractive, simple solution for customers looking to take advantage of high definition video and the affordability of analog HD cameras, providing a seamless way to achieve full integration with exacqVision.

Customers with both HD and SD analog cameras can integration with modern VMS systems, leveraging the benefits of IP while utilizing their existing analog infrastructure. The Tyco HD Encoder is an out-of-the-box solution, providing streams at H.264 and supports up to 4MP resolution.

Tyco provides comprehensive solutions by offering everything you need to simplify support and maximize uptime. Using a single vendor for both NVR and encoder makes purchasing and setup seamless, minimizing support complexities or compatibility issues that can arise down the road. The Tyco HD Encoder is fully supported by exacqVision, making it easy to add to existing systems or as part of a new system.

For more features and specifications, refer to the Tyco HD Encoder Data Sheet.

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