Video Technologies Help Retailers Deliver Safe In-Store Shopping Experience in the Age of COVID-19

Beyond the essential functions of security monitoring and recording, IP video surveillance offers myriad analytics that can help retail businesses during the ongoing coronavirus adjustments.

Online or in-store, it’s all multichannel for retailers. Before the outbreak, nearly 90 percent of shopping happened in stores while online purchases made up only about 10 percent of all industry-wide retail sales, according to the National Retail Federation. Nine of the top 10 online retailers in the U.S. also operate brick-and-mortar stores.

That sales ratio has shifted dramatically. After the coronavirus hit, orders placed online for pick-up at stores surged 208% in April in the U.S. compared to a year ago, according to Adobe Analytics. Retail’s future may depend on how well stores can adjust to and coexist with their online counterparts.

“The lines between the physical shopping experience and the benefits of the digital world are converging rapidly out of necessity, creating an entirely new retail experience based on safety and convenience,” said Jeremy Scott, National Sales Manager for North America at Milestone Systems.

With an open platform video management system (VMS), retailers can use digital tools to quickly pivot by creating a solution within the framework of their existing security installation. An open platform enables the integration of applications and devices needed for safely operating retail stores.

Examples include people counting, access control, social distancing detection, queue management, and one-way routes within the store. The technologies also gather actionable data to enhance customer experience and improve safety.

Read the full article* for details on helpful video-integrated technologies:

  • People Counting
  • Access Control
  • Social Distancing
  • Queue Management
  • One-way Routes

Beyond the core functions of security monitoring and recording, an open platform video management system can help retail businesses improve their business outcomes. From using people counting analytics to verified access control, video management systems hold a wealth of potential to keep staff and shoppers safe. IP video also helps retailers capture and understand valuable business data such as footfall, shopper movement, performance benchmarks, as well as product attraction and conversion.

This is an adaptation of an article by Eric Moe, Director of Sales, North America, Milestone Systems. *See the full piece that ran on Security magazine’s website:

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